It all started back in 1986 when I made a few attempts in hybridizing new fuchsia cultivars. The endless variety in colours and shapes of this unique plant is very inspiring and after registering a couple of new hybrids I started to refine and improve my methods. In following years I tried to select and combine various species in my quest to extraordinary new hybrids, ultimately resulting in some of my most precious cultivars: Roesse New Millenium and Roesse Blacky.  At first all new cultivars were examined by the technical committee of the Nederlandse Kring van Fuchsia Vrienden (NKVF) in Aalsmeer. Since 1996 - starting with 'Landgoed Velder' - all new cultivars are registered directly with the American Fuchsia Society. By now (September 2003) more than 200 new Fuchsia's have been registered, named Roesse 'sterrennamen', Rohees and some personal names. The 'Rohees' cultivars were the result of the pleasant cooperation with B. Heesakkers, whose health forced him to give up this wonderful hobby.

In 1992 P. van Bree became infected with the 'fuchsia virus' and M. van Eijk en J. Comperen joined our regional 'Kempisch Initiative' in 2001. P. van Bree (Breevis + butterfly names) registered his first cultivar in 1994. J. Comperen (Comperen + insect names) registered his first new fuchsia in 2002, followed by M. van Eijk in 2003.

Creating and improving fuchsia's brings a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. It is our goal and our motivation to bring unique, strong and beautiful plants to the fuchsia loving community. The ultimate challenge, after having cultivated the black fuchsia....that would be the yellow fuchsia ! Who knows....keep coming back to our site for more news !

C. Roes


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